• rocciata

    Umbrian Rocciata

    The Umbrian Rocciata is a typical dessert of Foligno and that part of Umbria that climbs towards the mountains of Colfiorito (also famous for its red potatoes) up to the borders with the Marche. At first glance, it recalls the…

  • focaccia-cipolla

    Focaccia with onion

    This year autumn came immediately: rain, fog, gray sky and fresh air … only its warm colors are still missing, the leaves are slowly transforming … Paola and Maria Giulia are ecstatic. Today we celebrate autumn by enjoying our home,…

  • confettura-di-fichi

    Fig Jam

    The secret for a good recipes collection is to ask for them every time you come across something special! Here, I tasted this fig jam some time ago by Maria, the mother of my super friend J … it struck…

  • sciroppo di sambuco e limone

    Homemade Elderflower syrup

    The Elder (Sambucus nigra) is a beautiful shrub or small tree, which arises spontaneously at the edge of the wood, and gives us its beautiful flowers between April and May: simple white inflorescences with a magnificent scent. I couldn’t resist:…


    Vegan rocket pesto

    Few things give me the same satisfaction as eating products from my own garden! Among these products there is always, and I say always: rocket, which has been there for three years (since I sowed it) and grows, with different…

  • Strozzapreti zucca gialla e cavolo nero

    Wholemeal pasta, pumpkin and black cabbage

    Wholemeal pasta, pumpkin and black cabbage is a vegan recipe, simple, with natural and comforting flavors. The result depends a lot on the products quality, whether they are from your kitchen garden or from small local farmers, the pasta will…

  • Ciambelline al vino

    Wine donuts

    Wine donuts were his dad's favorites… they came straight from the heart of Ciociaria, made by the abrupt speed of expert hands, but overflowing with love.