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Vegan rocket pesto

Few things give me the same satisfaction as eating products from my own garden! Among these products there is always, and I say always: rocket, which has been there for three years (since I sowed it) and grows, with different speeds, in all seasons! Obviously you can’t always eat salads, you would be bored, so you have to think of different ways to use it, one of those, that is most successful in my house, is the rocket pesto, which is perfect with pasta and croutons and it literally flys off!

Time: 10 15 mins for pesto, + pasta cooking or croutons making

Cost: low

Difficulty: easy

Servings: a jar


  • A large bunch of rocket
  • 2 or 3 canasta leaves (it is optional, I need it because I have the variety of wild rocket, which is very bitter)
  • 150 gr of almonds
  • abundant olive oil
  • salt to taste

How to get up

Get ready, because you will have to taste the rocket pesto several times during the preparation !!!

In a fairly large glass jar, the minipimer must enter into the top of it (I use the same one in which I then keep the pesto), put: the rocket, a pinch of salt and pour a little olive oil and blend for a few seconds.

Taste, if it is too bitter, add the canasta leaves and blend again!

At this point add the almond flour and mix them with the spoon until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, it will be a little thick, then add more olive oil until it has reached the right consistency (the typical one of pesto), season with salt … and the pesto is ready!

Easy, fast and delicious!


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