• fusilli-verdure

    Pasta with vegetable ragout

    This year our garden is struggling a bit. Except for zucchini, which have been doing great for a month or more, the other plants do not give us the abundance we expected. Not even tomatoes, which usually in this period…

  • confettura-di-fichi

    Fig Jam

    The secret for a good recipes collection is to ask for them every time you come across something special! Here, I tasted this fig jam some time ago by Maria, the mother of my super friend J … it struck…

  • crostata di albicocche

    Apricot tart

    Here we have a recipe that I care a lot, because it was given to me by a great friend: Ele! The apricot tart is simple and fast, perfect for a breakfast or a snack, in this period of red…

  • pasta-alla-norma

    Pasta alla Norma

    This time it’s not enough to share the recipe of Pasta alla Norma with you, we want to do something more: we’ll tell you the story of the products we used and we will introduce you the company that grows…

  • eggplant parmigiana

    Aubergines parmigiana

    A beautiful parmigiana is something that we should give ourselves from time to time! Lukily there are parmigianas for all tastes and for every season (of eggplant, of humpbacks that for us is so much Christmas of artichokes, meat, etc.),…