Seasons, products proximity, taste non-proximity, the right freedom of thought. We respect food and its origin, we start from our garden but we adventure in those of other productors, we are curious.

Because cooking is not just food.

What, how and why to cook… for you, in our opinion

We are Filippo, Paola and Maria Giulia. A Lawyer, a teacher and a landscape architect. Friends and more.

Filippo is the Magister. Lawyer by day, alchemist by night. In constant imbalance between passion and profession, he runs between appeals and stoves with the elegance of a greyhound. It is said that at the age of 13 he was trapped in a mixture of organic flour and Parisi eggs … from that moment he has a connection with pans and ladles. Do not tell him about shopping centers or prepackaged meals, he can’t conceive them, he’s all about small shops and a quick carbonara on lunch break.

Paola is devoted to sweetness. She expresses herself in this way, between doses of flour and vanilla aromas. This is is her way of seeing the world and the way in which she relates better. Rigor in procedures and measures, dedication, and love for what she does. Her passion and her skill are documented and testified by the roommates she had over time (Filippo was one of them), lucky users of her sweet products.

Maria Giulia is the art director, the trait d’union, the impartial judge of culinary disputes. Her vocation is the land, its dynamics and the thousand ways of using it. Maria Giulia plays with food, flowers, her garden and its fruits. She lives on colors and harmony, her ones, obviously. Life partner of Filippo, she easily disentangles herself between the roles of director and sweetheart.