First courses

  • suppli-al-telefono

    Supplì – Rice balls

    In my personal food ranking the supplì – Rice balls occupy a privileged position. I’ve eaten them for a lifetime (practically for as long as I can remember) and it’s almost a life I make them. Eating a supplì made…

  • fusilli-verdure

    Pasta with vegetable ragout

    This year our garden is struggling a bit. Except for zucchini, which have been doing great for a month or more, the other plants do not give us the abundance we expected. Not even tomatoes, which usually in this period…

  • pasta-alla-norma

    Pasta alla Norma

    This time it’s not enough to share the recipe of Pasta alla Norma with you, we want to do something more: we’ll tell you the story of the products we used and we will introduce you the company that grows…

  • Risotto agli spinaci

    Emma’s spinach Risotto

    In the ‘spinach week’, you cant’ miss this delicious risotto: Emma’s spinach risotto, you must try it! For this recipe I have to thank my neighbors and friends Mauro and Pamela, who suggested it to me: Mauro has no idea…

  • Umbricelli alla norcina

    Norcina Umbricelli

    Norcina umbricelli are one of my favorite pastas. They are perhaps the greatest expression of Umbria and its more traditional ingredients, namely pork, pecorino cheese and truffle. Time: 20 mins Cost: medium Difficulty:  easy Servings: 4 people Ingredients for Umbricelli: 200 g. durum…


    Vegan rocket pesto

    Few things give me the same satisfaction as eating products from my own garden! Among these products there is always, and I say always: rocket, which has been there for three years (since I sowed it) and grows, with different…

  • Spaghetti with escarole

    Spaghetti with neapolitan escarole

    If you love pasta … but also Neapolitan endive … try to make these spaghetti with Neapoletan escarole! Time: 30 mins Cost: medium – low Difficulty: medium – easy Servings: 3 / 4 people Ingredients 200 g spaghetti pasta 200…

  • Strozzapreti zucca gialla e cavolo nero

    Wholemeal pasta, pumpkin and black cabbage

    Wholemeal pasta, pumpkin and black cabbage is a vegan recipe, simple, with natural and comforting flavors. The result depends a lot on the products quality, whether they are from your kitchen garden or from small local farmers, the pasta will…

  • La pasta di Salvo Pepe qb

    Salvo’s pasta

    Dedicated to my friend Salvo, who first introduced me to it … bottarga, chopped pistachio (strictly Sicilian like him), wild fennel, a sprinkling of orange peel … and it's immediately love!