• paté-fave-menta

    Broad bean and mint paté

    This is the period of fresh fava beans (breoad beans), if you live in Umbria and you have forgotten to plant them in your kitchen garden, don’t worry, everybody will gift them to you! The day we receive them, without…

  • sciroppo di sambuco e limone

    Homemade Elderflower syrup

    The Elder (Sambucus nigra) is a beautiful shrub or small tree, which arises spontaneously at the edge of the wood, and gives us its beautiful flowers between April and May: simple white inflorescences with a magnificent scent. I couldn’t resist:…

  • acacia flowers fritters

    Acacia flowers fritters

    During the first days of May, spring explodes. Acacias trees gets filled with white fragrant bunches. If you look around youorself, you can see them almost everywhere: parks, cities avenues, woods. They are beautiful, aren’t they? But have you ever…

  • Risotto agli spinaci

    Emma’s spinach Risotto

    In the ‘spinach week’, you cant’ miss this delicious risotto: Emma’s spinach risotto, you must try it! For this recipe I have to thank my neighbors and friends Mauro and Pamela, who suggested it to me: Mauro has no idea…

  • Plumcake salato di Primavera

    Spring plumcake

    The Spring Plumcake was born to celebrate this season, its scents, its colors, and its vegetables: so, with carrots, courgettes, asparagus and basil you can prepare this beautiful and delicious vegetarian cake, perfect for an outdoor lunch! Time: about 40…