• frittelle-di-riso-dolci

    Sweet rice Frittelle

    Each italian region has its own tradition! Here, in Umbria, for St. Joseph, sweet rice Frittelle are a must! Simple and delicious, they take us back to our grandmothers’ kitchen, they dipped generous spoonfuls of rice to sizzle in pots…

  • tozzetti-alle-mandorle

    Almond Tozzetti

    Christmas calls cookies… or cookies calls Christmas?!? Anyway, the cookies of this period par excellence are the Almond Tozzetti. When you find yourself baking 10 different types of small sweets, you can’t help but love the tozzetti: no molds and…

  • confettura-di-fichi

    Fig Jam

    The secret for a good recipes collection is to ask for them every time you come across something special! Here, I tasted this fig jam some time ago by Maria, the mother of my super friend J … it struck…

  • crostata di albicocche

    Apricot tart

    Here we have a recipe that I care a lot, because it was given to me by a great friend: Ele! The apricot tart is simple and fast, perfect for a breakfast or a snack, in this period of red…

  • Plumcake salato di Primavera

    Spring plumcake

    The Spring Plumcake was born to celebrate this season, its scents, its colors, and its vegetables: so, with carrots, courgettes, asparagus and basil you can prepare this beautiful and delicious vegetarian cake, perfect for an outdoor lunch! Time: about 40…


    Half shortcrust pastry

    (… How many times have I prepared you!) I got this recipe of the half shortcrust pastry dough from my high school boyfriend’s mum!! She was passionate about cakes… I might have found a little inspiration in her… I haven’t…

  • Torta pere e cioccolato

    Pear and chocolate tart

    (Pear and chocolate Tart – Ari’s mum recipe) Recipes are gifts, given to you, so… spontaneously. And in our turn, as we received them, we can one day give them to someone else. We are supportive about sharing, but it’s…

  • Ciambelline al vino

    Wine donuts

    Wine donuts were his dad's favorites… they came straight from the heart of Ciociaria, made by the abrupt speed of expert hands, but overflowing with love.