crostata di albicocche

Apricot tart

Here we have a recipe that I care a lot, because it was given to me by a great friend: Ele! The apricot tart is simple and fast, perfect for a breakfast or a snack, in this period of red and fragrant apricots. In late August, if you want, you can make a version with plums, the “nun’s thighs” are perfect!

Time: 30 mins + shortcrust rest and cooking

Cost: medium

Difficulty:  easy

Servings: 30 cm diameter pan


  • 1 serving of shortcrust pastry (this time I replaced 100 g of 00 flour with 100 g of wholemeal flour)
  • 120 g of dried amaretti
  • 1,5 kg of ripe apricots
  • 40 almonds
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar (preferably cane)
  • cinnamon to taste

How to get up

Prepare the shortcrust pastry following the recipe here.

As already specified in the ingredients, this time I replaced 100 g of white flour with 100 g of whole wheat flour, to give a more rustic touch to the whole. If you want, however, you can safely keep all 00 flour.

Put the pastry in the fridge for at least half an hour.

Meanwhile, wash the apricots abundantly, then cut them in half and remove the bone.

Sprinkle them with brown sugar (even white is fine) on the part of the cut and leave them aside.

Turn on the oven at 180º.

Take a 30 cm diameter pan. You will get a big enough cake yes!

Grease and flour the pan, then roll out the pastry and place it inside, finishing the edge well. Prick the bottom with a fork.

Crumble the amaretti with your hands and distribute them on the pastry, then place the apricots close to each other, as in the photo. The more you put in, the better is the result! Place an almond in each half, then bake for about 50 minutes!

The apricots in the oven will make some water, for this it is necessary to cook the tart a little longer than usual, to make sure that the pastry is well cooked.

I served it accompanied by homemade cream ice cream.


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