• rocciata

    Umbrian Rocciata

    The Umbrian Rocciata is a typical dessert of Foligno and that part of Umbria that climbs towards the mountains of Colfiorito (also famous for its red potatoes) up to the borders with the Marche. At first glance, it recalls the…

  • tozzetti-alle-mandorle

    Almond Tozzetti

    Christmas calls cookies… or cookies calls Christmas?!? Anyway, the cookies of this period par excellence are the Almond Tozzetti. When you find yourself baking 10 different types of small sweets, you can’t help but love the tozzetti: no molds and…

  • Strozzapreti zucca gialla e cavolo nero

    Wholemeal pasta, pumpkin and black cabbage

    Wholemeal pasta, pumpkin and black cabbage is a vegan recipe, simple, with natural and comforting flavors. The result depends a lot on the products quality, whether they are from your kitchen garden or from small local farmers, the pasta will…

  • Flan di parmigiano Pepe.qb

    Parmigiano Flan

    It is an excellent appetizer paired with grated truffle or sautéed mushrooms, but also with a tomato sauce with an onion base, or even with a bolognese ragù, or with just a few drops of a good balsamic vinegar. The…